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Keep Your Athletes in the Game, With Theraworx Protect

Skin infections are a growing concern in athletics—and for good reason. According to the NCAA Injury Surveillance System data collected over 16 years, skin infection was the most commonly reported time-loss condition in collegiate wrestling practice.1

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Common Skin Infections in Wrestling

Safeguard Athletes With Theraworx Protect Skin Defense

Theraworx Protect gives athletes the skin protection they need. Applying our non-toxic, no-rinse solution before and after practices and competitions provides advanced hygiene and supports athletes’ natural skin barrier.

When you choose Theraworx Protect, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing athletes are using the clinically proven product trusted by top hospitals to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired conditions.

Promotes immune health
Safe for face and around mucous membranes
Safe for multiple applications per day
Provides barrier protection
Non-rinse, non-irritating formulation with no sticky residue

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