Time for an ICU Bathing Alternative?

The concerns surrounding chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) are mounting —significantly rising rates of anaphylaxis, organism resistance, off-label use, increasing legal liability, and supply shortages due to contamination, to name a few. Why put your patients and your health system at risk when there’s a clinically proven, peer-reviewed and published alternative?

In head-to-head, randomized controlled, IRB-approved, independent studies evaluating mucosa and stratum corneum biocompatibility, Theraworx Protect was proven to be a safety-superior, non-inferior ICU bathing alternative.*

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ICU Bathing

Pre-Surgical Bathing

Post-Operative Care

Side-by-Side Comparison

Theraworx Protect

Standard ICU Bathing

Published clinical data*
CDC compliant
Pre-Surgical Scrub Only
Surfactant-based solution
Indicated for daily bathing
Safe for multiple skin types
Clinically proven safe for face and around mucous membranes
Safe for multiple applications per day
Does not degrade the stratum corneum
Supports the skin's acid mantle
Provides barrier protection
Non-rinse, non-irritating formulation with no sticky residue
Reported and documented anaphylaxis
Increasing legal liability regarding harm
Off-label use
Contamination recalls
Microbe resistance with sustained use

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Start improving patient outcomes and reducing costs by replacing your ICU bathing systems today. We recommend the following Theraworx Protect product replacements:

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Product Description

Theraworx Protect Bathing and Permeability Barrier System
Theraworx Protect Bathing and Permeability Barrier System Fragrance Free

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* Data available upon medical inquiry.