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Theraworx Protect Line of Products

Our topical immune health system is a line of clinically proven, safe products trusted by top hospitals across the country to help manage healthcare-associated risks. Theraworx Protect is available in a wide variety of applications and uses.

Theraworx Protect Product Group

Group Purchasing Alignment

Theraworx Protect is proud to be contracted with the following group purchasing organizations:

Vizient and Premier

Check with your hospital’s GPO or distribution partner to order Theraworx Protect. Or, call 877-677-2723 to speak to your local Theraworx Protect representative about ordering, or to request specific product protocols.

If you’d like to purchase Theraworx Protect products for household or school use, shop here.

Applications & Uses


  • For daily urinary health
  • Anal cleansing (after each fecal evacuation or bowel movement)
  • Menopausal health
  • Catheter care (each time bladder is emptied)


  • Total-body application
  • Maintenance cleansing
  • Ideal for new admits, isolation, ICU bathing, pre-surgical bathing, bed-bound and behavioral residents, and more
  • Enhancement to hand hygiene protocol


  • Total body application
  • Maintenance cleansing
  • Debris removal


  • Ideal for use on targeted areas
  • Maintenance cleansing


  • Enhancement to hand hygiene protocol, convenient wallmount delivery
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