Frequently Asked Questions

What is Theraworx Protect used for?2019-02-15T17:47:46+00:00

Theraworx Protect is a hygiene and barrier solution used to manage risks associated with quality of care. It can be used in a variety of applications, including ICU bathing, pre-surgical bathing, post-operative care, and total-body bathing.

Where can Theraworx Protect be applied?2018-06-13T13:25:04+00:00

Theraworx Protect is a non-toxic solution that can be used anywhere on the body — even the perineum, face, mucous membranes, and compromised skin.

Is Theraworx Protect clinically proven?2019-02-15T17:49:00+00:00

Yes. Theraworx Protect has been proven safe and effective in improving quality of care. Read more here, or contact us for more information.

How does Theraworx Protect work?2012-11-27T14:43:43+00:00

Theraworx Protect optimizes the skin’s outer layer, the stratum corneum, which is responsible for several key protective functions in protecting against infection and disease. Watch video for more info.

What is the microbiome?2012-11-27T14:43:24+00:00

The microbiome is the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic microorganisms that exist in and on the human body. Watch video for more info.

What is the active ingredient in Theraworx Protect?2012-11-26T13:49:29+00:00

Theraworx Protect is not a drug and does not have a single active ingredient that accounts for the positive results our customers are seeing with the product. We have a synergistic, patented formulation including 15 ingredients, designed to optimize the skin’s outer layer, which is responsible for several key protective functions in protecting against infection and disease.

What are the delivery systems available with Theraworx Protect?2012-11-26T08:00:19+00:00

Theraworx Protect is available in a wide range of delivery systems, including spray, foam, and a full-body bathing system that includes cloths for the face and perineum.

How do I purchase Theraworx Protect?2012-11-26T08:00:04+00:00

Check with your hospital’s group purchasing organization (GPO) or distribution partner for ordering details. Or, call 877-677-2723 to speak to your local Theraworx Protect representative.

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