Theraworx® FAQ’s

/Theraworx® FAQ’s

We have one current study on Pubmed, PMID number 25660077 and another on, ID number NCT02241005

Visit “Outcomes” for additional information.

There is no single active ingredient which accounts for the positive results our customers are seeing with the product.  We have a synergistic, patented formulation including 16 ingredients, designed to optimize skin performance.


We are a broad spectrum hygiene product.

The patent-pending SilverFirst protocol for CAUTI, which was validated with our clinical users, is an enhancement of the APIC recommendations for CAUTI avoidance protocols, but incorporates the use of the Theraworx Specialty Care pack in the insertion and maintenance of catheterized patients, with specific guidance for its use.

We offer two impregnated cloth versions, a 2-cloth Specialty Care pack specifically designed for perineal use, and an 8-cloth system for patient bathing, including cloths for face and perineum, since our product can be used around mucous membranes, as well as foamers in three sizes, 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz., and 2 oz. spray bottles.

Theraworx is not only safe to be used around mucous membranes, but safe for any and every area of the body, for free and frequent use.  Biocompatibilitity data is available upon request.