Unique Health Challenges Facing Female Athletes

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Women's wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports at the high school and collegiate levels. In fact, there are nearly 15 times more female wrestlers in high school now than there were in 1994!1 If you don't already have a women's wrestling program or a female wrestler on your team, it's just a matter [...]

Help Your Athletes Stay Healthy This Flu Season

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Skin infections aren’t the only things that can keep your athletes off the mats. Wrestling season just so happens to coincide with flu season. It’s important for coaches, athletes, and parents to understand the implications of the flu virus—and most importantly, how to prevent contracting and spreading the flu. Flu Facts What is it? Also [...]

Understanding and Managing Skin Infections in Wrestling

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Skin infections are a growing concern in the wrestling community. It's important that everyone involved—from coaches and athletic trainers to athletes and parents—are aware of the different types of infections, the implications, and what can be done to manage them. Important Facts According to the NCAA Injury Surveillance System data collected over 16 years, skin [...]

Avadim Technologies Introduces its Theraworx® Sports Medicine Technology at the 67th National Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, in Baltimore, MD June 22-25, 2016

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Avadim to Introduce Trusted Clinical Low pH Topical Protective Technology into Sports Medicine Market Asheville, NC (June 7, 2016) – Avadim Technologies, Inc. (“Avadim”), a life sciences company delivering Pathogenesis Based Therapies (“PBTs”), which work to optimize the stratum corneum, integumentary functions and the associated reactive tissue, announced today that Theraworx® Technology, its proven low pH [...]