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In light of cumulative concerns surrounding chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) — including off-label use, resistance, contamination recalls, rising rates of anaphylaxis, and increasing legal liability — is it time to consider an alternative?

In head-to-head independent lab research evaluating mucosa and stratum corneum biocompatibility, Theraworx Protect was proven to be a safety-superior, non-inferior bathing alternative to 4% CHG.*

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Theraworx Protect - Advanced Hygiene And Barrier System

ICU Bathing

Pre-Surgical Bathing

Post-Operative Care

Why Choose Theraworx Protect

Clinically proven to manage both macro and micro debris

No prescription required

Gamma irradiation and USP 62 testing on every product batch

Helps preserve the integrity of CHG for its indicated use

Enables implementation of antiseptic stewardship initiatives

Seamless, cost-effective product transition

Easy to use impregnated towels

Convenience of total-body bathing with just one product

What’s More

Theraworx Protect


Published clinical data
CDC Compliant
Pre-Surgical Scrub Only
Surfactant-based solution
Indicated for daily bathing
Safe for multiple skin types
Clinically proven safe for face and around mucous membranes
Safe for multiple applications per day
Does not degrade the stratum corneum
Supports the skin's acid mantle
Provides barrier protection
Non-rinse, non-irritating formulation with no sticky residue
1M ICU patients treated in 2016; 2M+ in 2017
Reported and documented anaphylaxis
Increasing legal liability regarding harm
Off-label use
Contamination recalls
Microbe resistance with sustained use

Product Cross-Reference Guide

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Theraworx Protect Bathing and Permiability Barrier System
Theraworx Protect Bathing and Permiability Barrier System Fragrance Free

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* Data available upon medical inquiry.
† Peer-reviewed publications: Journal of Clinical and Medical Investigations, Annals of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology, American Journal of Infection Control, Journal of Nursing Management, Journal of Emergency Nursing, Infection Control Today, Journal of Internal Medicine Review. For more information regarding Theraworx Protect peer-reviewed articles, IRB-approved research, peer-reviewed and accepted clinical posters, and institutional summaries, call 1-877-677-2723, or email [email protected].