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A Better Way to Manage the Risks Associated With Quality of Care

Now there’s an advanced barrier system leading the way in topical immune health — clinically proven, peer-reviewed and published Theraworx Protect. This hygiene and barrier solution reduces hospital-acquired conditions by supporting the skin’s natural defensive functions.

Trusted by leading hospitals as part of their value-based programs, Theraworx Protect has been used in the care of millions of ICU patients since 2007.

Theraworx Protect can be used in a variety of applications, including ICU bathing, pre-surgical bathing, post-operative care, total-body bathing, and more. It can even be applied around mucous membranes and on compromised skin.

Theraworx Protect Clinical Evidence*

Proven a safety-superior, non-inferior ICU bathing alternative in head-to-head, randomized controlled, IRB-approved, independent studies evaluating mucosa and stratum corneum biocompatibility
Proven effective with patented protocols in maintaining catheters in high-acuity settings
Proven adjunct in the management of incontinence-associated dermatitis
42 clinical studies with extensive peer review acceptance

Theraworx Protect vs. Standard ICU Bathing

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Theraworx Protect is the first known topical product that supports the skin so it can serve its vital protections.

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Theraworx Protect at a Glance

Two-time Innovative Technology Award winner

Clinically proven to manage both macro and micro debris

No prescription required

Gamma irradiation and USP 62 testing on every product batch

Helps preserve the integrity of CHG for its indicated use

Enables implementation of antiseptic stewardship initiatives

Seamless, cost-effective product transition

Easy-to-use impregnated towels

Convenience of total-body bathing with just one product

Manufactured by the 2017 13th fastest growing privately owned company in healthcare, Avadim

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* Data available upon medical inquiry.